Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tx-OU Weekend...

It's no secret that we love our Texas Longhorns over here @ The Bradford Casa.  Brian and I have season tickets (to all the home games) every year, but since the Red River Rivalry is played at a neutral location, we have to enter a "lottery" for those tickets.  Since we got married, we have YET to get tickets to that game.  Bummer right?  Wellll this year we broke our streak and finally got tix.  Woohoo!  Brian proposed to me 5 years ago (from Saturday), so it was the perfect little celebration.  Funny story actually...

Back when was in college, I made the trip to Dallas EVERY year for Tx-OU weekend.  It was one of the highlights of every year!  LOVED it.  Love the atmosphere.  Love the neverending sea of maroon & orange.  Love the intensity of the rivalry.  Love the fair.  Love the roadtrippage.  Just...SO much fun in SO many ways.  So... since Brian and I were dating during my senior year, we discussed the weekend plans, and he didn't want to go!!  WHAT?!??  I was SO ticked and annoyed with him.  But, I'm pretty sure I was super nice about it :)  Thank goodness.  Because it turns out he had some pretty sweet plans up his sleeve.  He totally surprised me by popping the big question.  I thought he was just being extra nice because he knew I was superbummed we weren't going to the game.  Um.  SO beyond worth missing the game haha.  :)  One of the greatest nights of my life! 

Anyway... B-Riz and I were pumped to enjoy an entire game of UT football without any interruption from babies :)  We enjoyed the pregame and 1st quarter.  We didn't love the start of the 2nd quarter.  Could barely stand the end of the first half.  Annnnd headed out to the fair at halftime!  We caught bits and pieces of the game as we passed screens and kept up on our phones while enjoying yummy food & drinks at the fair before heading home. 

I was on a mission to try something weird & fried.  BUT...I couldn't pass up a frito pie, roasted corn (YUM!) & frozen sweet tea, so there was no room in my tummy for anything else!  Seriously... we grill corn around here all the time, but roasted corn from the Texas State Fair canNOT be beat.    AND...that frozen sweet tea was the most delish and refreshing drink I've ever had in my life!  I'm pretty I'm going back to the fair JUST for some corn & frozen tea.  Who's with me?

So... although the Horns game was ROUGH, there are a couple of positives to note:
  1. It's a teeny bit satisfying to me that all the Garrett-Gilbert haters can no longer pretend like he was the reason Texas struggled through so many games.  When your line can't give you any time, it doesn't matter how good you are, you're not going to be successful.  Props to OU though.  Those dudes are good.
  2. When you come home to this level of cuteness, it doesn't matter HOW painful the game was.  Life is good ;)
 Hook 'em!!!

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