Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teeth & The Paci

Little Cam Cam did super awesome at the dentist!  She cried (of course) while the x rays were happening, and while they were feeling all around in her mouth, but stopped IMMEDIATELY when they were done (which was seriously shocking) and was just a jolly little nugget full of smiles and waves for everyone!  Super thankful for that.

The x rays looked root damage!  Woohooooo!  They think the teeth will gradually move back into their normal position.  They WILL bruise (just like a normal body bruise, but it lasts for 6-12 months. Yikes.)  SO glad it's her baby teeth and not her permanents :)   Their only real concern is the damage to her gums & the looseness of her teeth.  We're back to the diet of a 6-month old.  Nothing firm or crunchy.  Only super soft foods and NO MORE PACI (this was a terrifying revelation for me) for the next 6 weeks so that her upper teeth/gums can try to heal.

The food is no biggie.  The paci, however, made me almost sick.  Breaking Avery from her paci was one of the most horrific experiences of my life as a momma.  To this day, I think it was the most traumatic thing Aves has ever been through.  I'm sure you remember my emotionally burdened state when I wrote this post or this one.  Our experience with Aves led us to the decision that we would take Cam's paci BEFORE she hit "2".  Well... this just came a little earlier than we had planned.  Oh well :)  Still though, the thought of taking her one form of self-soothing from her at such a traumatic time made me SO sad!!

The outcome?  Her first paci-less nap-time consisted of about 50 minutes of IRRITATED screams/crying.  Then about 30 minutes of sleep.  That night when I put her down... NOT A PEEP.  And same thing for naptime and bedtime today.  NO CRYING!  Whoa.  Thank you JESUS for sparing me from the paci-weaning-induced emotional treachery I am all too familiar with :)

Yay Camcam!  Hope you reallllyyyyy like boiled carrots, brocolli, & yogurt, my sweet!!