Friday, October 7, 2011

Camcam's Teethies

I took C-Lil to the doc this morning for a follow up on her fall-induced mouth injuries.  My little preciousness is healing up well, but Dr.Bain confirmed that her front teeth have been jammed up into the gum and caused some "significant trauma". Bummer dude.  We have to see a pediatric dentist next week to assess the damage and let them tell us if it will heal itself or not.  Praying for the former!!  It's totally making me sad to watch my little Caminator push all of her food to the back of her mouth bc she can't use her front teeth! 

On the up side of things... UT v OU manana!!! Can't wait to catch the fair and the game w the hub!!!  Hook em!!

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Lynn said...

Oh Roxanne, that is so sad!! Bless her sweet little heart. She is so adorable, even with a banged up face!