Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our First ER Visit

I feel as though a trip to the ER, once you become a parent, is a rite of which we have yet to experience....until yesterday.

B-Riz, Cam-cam, & I were hangin' out in the garage yesterday afternoon (B&I: cleaning, C: playing).  Camerton is in a big-time climbing phase... and unbeknownst to us, had begun scaling a folded up stroller which was propped against the car parked in the driveway.  At the sound of her blood-curdling scream, we whipped around to find her laying with her face smooshed against the know that little 2-inch step where the garage meets the driveway.  As I scooped her up, I watched in HORROR as blood just flowed from her sweet little mouth to the ground.  B ran inside to get Aves out of bed and off to the ER we went!

Our ER is about 2 miles away from our house.  AWESOME in a time like this.  They were super fast, super sweet, and as helpful as they could be... but there was nothing they could do!  They don't stitch mouth wounds unless it tears through the skin OUTSIDE of the mouth.  They offered little Camo a popsicle and a teddy bear; neither were big hits.  Once we got back into the comfort of our own home, she was FINALLY able to stop crying and relax a bit.

Sweet Aves was a super-cool big sis and gave a Avery a giant sticker (big time kudos for that one.  that's a BIG deal around here!)  I was really taken by surprise at the fact that Avery never shed a tear through the whole process. Usually, when Cameron is upset, Avery is just as upset.  But, it's like she sensed that we all needed to be brave for sweet baby seester in the midst of her traumatic and PAINFUL experience.  What a cutie :)  Aves hung out with daddy most of the time that we were in the ER, because I'm pretty sure if they would have stayed in our room during the actual eval, Cameron's screams would have broken Avery's wall of bravery.

The damage:  LOTS of BIG DEEP gashes across the entire inside of Cameron's bottom lip.  A torn {thingy that connects the top gum to the top lip...don't remember the name?}.  A scraped up & bruised chin.

The solution:  No salty or crunchy foods.  Lots of milk & water.  Non-suction sippy cups.  Baby Pain Reliever/Anti-Inflammatories every 4-6 hours.  Lots of snuggles and love!

Besides a super fat face (MUCH fatter than yesterday) and a masssivvvve bottom lip, we're doing okay!  There are a few more tears than normal, and bedtime is a bit challenging, but Cam-cam is well on her way to a full recovery :)  Super thankful that our first trip to the ER was did NOT result in a serious injury!
Ouchies result in extra snuggle sessions with mommy & daddy, AND staying up way past bedtime!! :) 
Just for the record... I somehow knew that Cameron would be the source of our first need for emergency medical attention. ;)  Adventurous little nugget...


Tbaby said...

Ohhhhh my sweet little Cameron!!:(:(

I'm glad she's doing oK, but I'm sure she's sore and in pain:(
Good thing she has a sweet big sister to give her big stickers and some pretty sweet parentals to give her some extra tlc:)

Oh, I remember my trips to the ER...they were no fun, but I made it ok!
All my love from the Empire State,
Aunt TBaby

Ashley said...

Poor baby! And poor momma! I know that must have been so scary! Hope she is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

ooohhh no little Cameroon!! I am so glad she is feeling better! Enjoy the extra snuggles. I got nervous when I say your blog title!!

Love, Auntie Nug