Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hook 'em

B and I get season tickets to UT football each year, but at this point in our lives, it's just not convenient to make the trip down to austin for every single home game.  Our plan this wknd was to just lay low and try to sell our tickets to someone...but no one claimed them.  SO at the LAST minute- Cameron & I hit the road to Austin!! 

Hannah-Banana watched Cameron while Betho & I went to the game.  It was Nug's first game and we had a grand ol' time cheering our Horns on to a victory.  Hook em'!!  After the game, I got to see some old ACU ppl that I haven't seen in forev- super fun!  When we finally got back to Cody & Nug's we were so ready for bed...but Cameron had a massive explosion that filled her carseat and leaked all over Betho's house. Whoops. 

Aves and B-Riz had a fun little daddy/daughter bonding wknd here in Plano.  They hung out, played, and watched football together.  Daddy even got her ready for church alll by himself...and she looked extra cute.  I'm so proud babe :)

Uncle Reidster stopped by for a mini-visit as he passed through to McKinney.  We love you Reider!

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