Monday, December 8, 2008

Nothin' like a weekend at home sweet home <3

This weekend was teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrific :) Brian and I just stayed at home, and I haven't been so pumped to be here in a LONG time! On Friday afternoon Brian put up lights on our house...yayyy! He did a super good job...especially for his first house-decorating job :) Way to go, hubling! We ALSO made a long-awaited purchase. Brian has been freakishly addicted to rock band for quite some time now. He plays on Monday nights with a bunch of other 30-yr old men after watching MNF, and has been DYING to get it. So, he used some of his bonus money to guy the game...and it rocks!! I totally didn't think I'd be a huge fan, but it's the bomb. We have played every day so far since we got it.

On Saturday morning, we both slept in til almost 10:00!! Ahhhh it was an amazing feeling to wake up @ 4 different times and just lay there and fall right back asleep. We had some yummy Braums for lunch and then worked allllllllll day in the backyard and on unpacking/organizing the house. We still have quite a bit of work to do, but man- we were ULTRAproductive and it felt great. We had planned FOREVER to go see the 20th anniv production of The Nutcracker (one of my all-time favs), but didn't realize that it was during the conference championship games, so we ended up nixing the ballet and watching football all afternoon/night. Good times.

Sunday we went to church IN TYLER for once, had some delish McAllister's, knocked a couple more much-needed errands, and then worked on the house even MORE! Today is a GREAT Monday because I actually feel somewhat relaxed and NOT overwhelmed when I look at our steadily-shrinking pile of boxes to unpack :)

Yayyy for weekend at home.

Oh, ps- we find out in EIGHT DAYS!!!


Jacci said...




love you and CAN'T WAIT to know if its a boy or a girl!!! :)

Jason and Lindsey said...

So excited for you guys. The settling into a home with a little one on the way. can't wait to hear sex.

Jamie said...

can't wait to find or blue?! and i am with jacci...belly pics please! =)