Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Fiesta!

On Monday night, I hosted the girls from work at my house for a Christmas Partay/Gift Exchange/Gingerbread House Decorating Contest. Sadly, I forgot to take pics of the cute food & treats display as I am SUPER rusty in the picture-taking department...but I got some cuties of the girls and our awesome g-bread homes. They didn't QUITE turn out like our blueprints...but that's what you get when you have 3 girls trying to decorate one house...and eating half of the decor :) It was a night full of a yummy healthy dinner, wayyyyy too many cupcakes, a semi-functional chocolate fountain, fun gifts, LOTS of icing, delectable home-made hot cocoa...and some major Christmas spirit!
All the girls :)
"Most Festive"

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Ivy said...

how fun! i almost did this this weekend when laura, shiv, and whitney were in town (it was troys idea) so i think troy and i might do it sometime this weekend!

fun fun!