Thursday, December 18, 2008 all her glory <3

BOOOO for pregnancy breakouts. My chin looks like a 16-yr-old's.

Today at the gym I had my very first (not to mention, very BOLD) "Are you pregnant?" It made me happy!

I like calling my belly a "her" instead of "it".

Since I can't do an all-over dye on my hair during pregnancy, I am SERIOUSLY considering getting my hurr a professional. The roots are OOC, and if I highlight it myself without putting some darker color in it first, I'll look nice and trashy.

An email I received today from informed me that as a pregnant woman, I need to do the following:
  1. Get a pedicure.
  2. Get my hurr did.
  3. Buy some new lingerie

I'm surrrre that #s "1" and "2" can be arranged...however, I'll edit #3 a bit and just get a new bra since most of mine don't fit anymore! Life with boobs is interesting...I'll have to share a funny little story about that next time.

Merry Thursday to all, and to all a GOOOOODnight :)


misc mer said...

oh the pregnancy bra... i remember getting on victoria's secret's website to get my new "measurements" and was like NO WAY am I a 38 around!!! I refused to believe it and went with the 36 instead, on the last notch. You will feel like a new woman once you get the new "boulder holder." It makes all the difference in the world.

Kayla said...

haha such a funny post! A little jealous about the boobs! :) Love You!