Monday, January 10, 2011

A Snow Day, a Brain Fart, & 3 Teeth!!

As everrrrryone in Dallas has been facebooking about for the last 2 days, it snowed here.  WOO!  We went to church ysterday mornin,g and when we came out of the building the snow was coming down big time!  By the time we finished lunch with our Lifegroupers it was a white out (at least the Texas version of one).  We didn't get to play in it much on Sunday because we needed some big time nappage in the Bradford casa.  HOWEVER, today me and the girlies took full advantage!  Aves loved it just as much as she did last year :) And Camo was just kind of along for the ride....good sport though (& kind of PRESH too!)  :)

Hmm...I think I like this stuff...

Looks rather tastey...

Cameron watching her big sis thinking, "You're gonna pay for that..."

15 minutes later after refusing to keep her gloves on,  "Co! Co!" (cold in Ave-lingo)
Kerbs has been in heaven.  LOVES the snow. She thinks we're on vacation or something. 


The following story happened today.  It is just one of many incidents like it which have become a very regular part of my daily routine.  Brian told me tonight that he is a liittttle bit worried about what our life will look when I start adding age-related memory loss to my already existing lack of memory.  Yikes.  Okay so... 
I opened my fridge to get Aves a little snacky snack and to my utter surprise, there sat my cellular.  Placed perfectly between the milk and the juiceboxes.  Eeeenteresting. Oh.  And it can't be blamed on my 20 month old who likes to hide things.  It was on the top shelf.  Yes, yes I know.  Another one of my genius moments :)

Cameron has been Little Miss Drooly Pants since the day we brought her home from the hospital.  Lately she seems to have been chewing on everything in sight.  I figure it's just normal and don't even let myself think she might be cutting a tooth because with Aves, Brian and I said out loud, "Oh maybe she's cutting a tooth!" ohhh probably every other day for 5 months.  And then at the ripe old age of 10 months she finally cut her first tooth! So, naturally, I assumed little CamoWamo would follow suit.  Nope.  I let the babymunchkin chew in my finger for just a sec today and what did I find (feel)??  2 sharp little toothies!!  Yay!! She may be behind Averton in the motor skills department, but she cut those 2 bad boys before the 6 month mark.  Go girlfrannnn.  AND to add to all of this tooth-related excitement...AVERY HAS CUT TOOTH #5!!!  Yes.  She is 20 month old.  And yes, until yesterday she had a whopping 4 teeth.  And now she has 4.05 teeth.  COOL.  We're pretty pumped about this new development :)

Hope someone else out there had an extra exciting Monday.  I'll just go ahead and assume though that your excitement did NOT relate to teeth OR finding cellphones in the refrigerator.  :)

Such is life @ the Bradford casa!


the tichenor family said...

Oh my goodness-- sweet Aves only has 5 teeth?! That's amazing.

Loving the snow pics-- wish we had some down here!

And, so thankful I'm not the only one that has brain farts like the phone in the fridge! You and me both mama.

T said...

You are so funny! I love your happy spirit and happy blog and funny posts... and not to mention all of your creative words. You need to start a RoxyDictionary :) Thanks for sharing your life!