Thursday, February 11, 2010


I woke up this morning completely unaware of what the weathermen had warned us DFW residents to expect.  At around 8, after I fed Ave, I checked out some FB updates and everyone in Dallas was making comments about the I peeked out the window and
this is what I saw!!

Sooo...I got super excited, but had to wait until the afternoon to enjoy it!  I took Avery to her 9 mo check up appointment (which was a little bit scary bc it was basically like driving through a Blizzard), got us some chick-fil-a for lunch, let Ave rest for a it and then FINALLYYYY....

headed out to enjoy the crazy snow!!!
Avery really liked it!  She was SUPER bundled, so even though she got pretty covered with snowflakes, she didn't seem to mind!  She kept digging her little fingers down into the snow and stuffing it in her mouth.  So cute :)  Can't wait to take that child skiing someday!

Oh and ps- I can't take credit for the snowman...our neighbors made it, but it was big and cool so I had to post a pic!

At around 5pm the news ppl said that we had already gotten 7.3 inches of snow on the day and it has NOT STOPPED ONCE since then.  Craziness.  The only downfall of all of this snow is that Brian's flight got delayed, then delayed again, and then CANCELLED!! Boo.  So now we have to wait until SATURDAY AFTERNOON to see him!  The weather should be somewhat back to normal by then I think!

ANNNDDD finally- a shout out to my fav sex-machine, Jacci, who is running in the Austin Half this wknd!  Gooood luck!  Wish we could make it down there to cheer you on!  You're a stud :) 

Time to make myself some yummy hot choc and curl up on the couch for Grey's! G'night!


Kayla said...

Avery looks so cute! My morning was the exact same! I had NO idea we were getting snow eaither and walked out into a blizzard this morning. Isn't snow so pretty!? Sorry B got delayed, that stinks!! I hope you had a fun, cozy night watching Grey's! Miss You and that little squish of yours!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Fun snow pics! We got some over here in Alabama too and we're thrilled!