Thursday, February 25, 2010


This past weekend, Avery's grandparents (Nana & Poppa) came to visit!!  We did some shopping, lots of eating out, lots of playing...and of COURSE they came bearing gifts.  Over the course of the weekend Ave acquired a new stuffed animal, a couple of new outfits, & a new (super cool) book!
She even went to her first bowling alley!  Nana & Poppa took her home before the bowling actually began so that Brian & I could spend a night OUT celebrating Amy's bday!  It was super fun.  Thanks MarshMarsh & Dav!!  Avery loved having you guys here!

I didn't get any pics, so I'm HOPING Marsha caught a couple of cute moments on her camera!

We also had a little mini gender-reveal party (kind of like Mer's).  Brian and I found out what we were having last Thursday but waited until Friday night to tell our parents.  I baked a cake, slathered it in yellow icing, and as soon as Marsh & Dav arrived we skyped my parents and cut into the PINK cake!  Everyone was actually SUPER surprised.  Literally every single person in both of our families was expecting a boy!  Of course, though, we're all pumped!  YAY for babygirl!!

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