Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cherishing Every Moment...

So I spent last night reading an entire blog from start to finish.  The couple started it in May of 2009 when their 18-mo-old, who had been 100% completely healthy her whole life, was suddenly diagnosed with cancer.  The blog chronicles their painful, yet hopeful, fight against the cancer that has eaten away at the life of sweet little Layla Grace.  In the last month, the couple has learned that the cancer is continuing to take over Layla's body, leaving her with 1-2 months left on this earth. 

In the last few days, Layla's mom has blogged about what it's like to spend your last few days with your child.  She has blogged about how much she wishes she could take back all the times that she wished Layla would nap longer or stay quiet and still.  Because now all she wants is for Layla to be pulling on her legs, crawling around the living room, and making noise.  These days, Layla just sleeps.  So her parents just watch her.

I can't even begin to imagine watching your baby get sick, lose all of her energy, take chemo treatments for months upon months that make her miserably ill EVERY day.  I can't imagine sitting in her room with her for 2 months straight just watching her sleep and waiting for God to bring her home.  I know that God is glorified through even the most painful situations, and Layla's parents have shared a million amazing ways that God has worked through Layla's illness.  I still can't imagine it.

Today I could not be more thankful that Avery woke up smiling... ready to eat and ready to play.  I could not be more excited to roll out of my bed at 6:40am, a teeny bit sleep-deprived, to take care of my munchkin.  Today I'm cherishing Avery's sweetest moments along with the high-maintenance ones, and I pray that I am blessed with the luxury of experiencing these moments for the rest of my life!!


Ashley said...

what a wake up call!

Gabby said...

I did the same thing! I read about Cora Paige from the family's blog, and I wanted to cry and hug my baby! Cora also had cancer and was only 11 months old when she went to heaven. It totally changed my outlook on all the things I thought were "difficult," and I've really changed my attitude towards those things. It was: