Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Kaylas

Every Tuesday I meet my friend, Kayla C, at Starbucks for some life updates, bible chat, relationship talk and just friend-time :)  It's a somewhat new tradish...and I love it.  It's so nice to get out and enjoy some time with a friend.  When B gets off work on time, he takes care of Ave for me...but today I took her with.  I think she likes S-bux.  She def enjoyed sharing my fruit/granola/yogurt parfait w/me!

Kayla is awesome.  She is caring and sweet, has a servant's heart, she's beauuutiful, and she LOVES Avery (which makes me love her even more!....all of you moms out there understand).  She's working through some big time stuff right now, soooo I know she would appreciate your prayers!! Just prayers for God to really work in her heart, to give her discernment/wisdom/direction...and more than anything- to give her peace!!

AND one of my verrrrrrrry best friends ever- Mrs. Kayla Jane Agan- has a big test manana!  Pray for her to do soooooooooo well on it and not have any anxiety or worry or anything during the exam.  Pray for God to just clear her mind, calm her nerves, and give her FOCUS!

Love you Kaylas :)

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