Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Walk This Way

Avery is a full-fledged walker.  Her balance has gotten awesome.  Her steps are smaller and smoother.  Walking seems to be her first choice in transportation options...until she gets too tired and then just bear-crawl-sprints to wherever she's trying to go.  She can even stand up walk a little bit, turn around and walk in another direction without falling!  I've always thought it's so hilar to watch such a teeny little person walking around!

Other Averton Updates:
-You have just in the last few days discovered how cool peek-a-boo is!  You even cover your own face with one hand (sort of) and wait for us to say "where's averyyyy?" to make you giggle.  You haven't figured out that you're supposed to UNcover your face once when we say "PEEK-A-BOO!!"
-You have found the ONE things that holds your attention (besides your musical toys and sports)...The Wiggles!!  You dance your little heart out when they're on and it is PRESH.
-You snuggle with your dolly sometimes and get really happy when you first spot her in the mornings.
-You L.O.V.E. your big pink stuffed froggie. Also- Presh.
-You love chicken nuggets.  Big girl!
-You LOVE your sippy cup...for about 10 seconds.  But you canNOT figure out how to make it work for you, so you always get SO frustrated with it!  It's pretty entertaining.
-You are talking so much more all of a sudden.  And appearing to be having civilized conversations with yourself, Kerbey, us, your toys...or whoever you think is listening.  You say something and then just look at us with a quizzical expression like, "Don't you understand what I'm saying?  Why aren't you answering me?"  Still no real words though!
-Doc says there are NO teeth in sight for you.  Late bloomer!
-You take any and every opportunity to crawl under/over/through things. 
-You love to interact with other ppl at the grocery store, at restaurants etc....but you seem extremely afraid of men with DEEP voices.  (eg- Pawpaw!!)
-You have learned to clap and get really excited when anyone else claps for you.

**K that's all I can think of.  The more REAL this pregnancy gets for me, the more I want to REALLY keep track of Avery's development so we can see how different our next one is!! 

PS- We find out tomorrow (hopefully!) what we're having!  Yippppeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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