Monday, February 15, 2010


So...I requested transcripts from 4 different schools a little over 3 weeks ago.  Each of the 4 schools state on their website that transcripts will be sent within 24 hours of the receipt of request.   My apartment complex doesn't allow long-distance faxing so I have to drive all the way over to Fedex Office to fax these requests in to get them sent asap.

Fast Forward to a week later when I log on check my application status...just to put my mind at ease knowing that all 4 transcripts should 100% for sure have arrived by this point in time.  NEGATIVE.  One has arrived.  ONE.  A short while later, I check the mail and find a letter from one of my schools stating that one little number (that seems pretty UNessential to me) is missing from the request (which by the way...I called and reviewed with someone from the transcript office BEFORE sending to ensure that I had included all of the needed information..), so I need to fix it and re-fax the request.  ANNOYING.  ESPECIALLY because the letter is dated an ENTIRE week AFTER the request had been faxed in.  Answer me this:  If a request should be fulfilled within 24 hours, how the HECK is it that it took an entire 5 work days to print out a FORM LETTER and get it in the mailbox!??!  So-  that one is taken care of.  FINALLY.

The day after I checked the mail, I called one of the other schools to find out the status of that particular transcript request and was assured that both requested copies had been mailed 48 hours after receipt (late), so they if they haven't arrived yet they should definitely be there today.  I left town for 3 days and when I returned, STILL no transcripts.  I called again today (THREE WEEKS after request) to find out why they hadn't been sent and to re-request.  Turns out they were never mailed out because there is a hold on my account.  Someone was supposed to have notified me of this upon receipt of my request.  They didn't.  When I called to check on everything the first time, they should have been able to access that info easily....they didn't.  I don't know if the dude was 100% confused or lazy and just lied to me to get me off the phone.  So now- I have to wait until Ave wakes up,  drive over to Fedex (AGAIN), fax in another request, AND find out why there's a hold on my account (from 2 yrs ago!!?).

Who would have thought that a few simple transcript requests could really be THIS difficult.  People get paid to do that SPECIFIC job, so I guess I just kind of expected things to go a little more smoothly.

K...I feel a LOT better.  I hope no one actually reads this rant. I come.

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Kayla said...

I know how you feel!!!! I had the exact thing happen to me!

When I was applying to grad school UofH couldn't seem to get my transcipt ANYWHERE so no joke I had to DRIVE from Abilene to Houston, have it put into my hand and then drive back to Abilene to hand deliver it to the registrar so I could apply to grad school!!

So I feel your pain! It is shocking how hard it seems to be!