Thursday, February 11, 2010

9 Months!!

Baby girl is 9 months old! WHOA.

Height:  28.5 in.
Weight: 18lb. 2oz.
Head: FINALLY above the 50% percentile!!!  haha...not a pea-head anymore (like her daddY!)

-Eating strictly tablefoods (peaches, pears, oranges, watermelon, carrots, green peas, green beans, cheerios, crackers, pasta....), plus 4 bottles a day
-Doesn't like beans...we're working on that
-Ate her first chicken nuggets this week!
-Is getting to be a great walker!  Her steps are getting more and more stable...4-5 is normal, 8-9 is becoming MORE normal.
-Crawls on carpet, bear crawls on hard floors
-Dances (gets low) ANYtime music comes on!  (esp to her baby einstein music player, and to CMT music videos!)
-Now naps only once a day
-Had her first cold/fever this month!  (only got up to 100* thank goodness!)
-Has perfected the deep belly fake laugh and does it ALOT!!  She loves the attention it gets her
-Is still bff with Kerbey...and is learning to be more gentle with the poor pup :)
-Is still reallyyyy quiet around lots of new faces but gets super vocal and playful when she warms up
-Does the, "what's up" head nod thing ALL the time.  NO CLUE where she got this one.
-is starting to like her dollys
-loves stuffed animals and anything that makes noise
-still loves bathtime
-still does NOT like post-bath time (diaper/lotion/pjs)
-loves the hokey pokey
-has learned the clap
-loves "quack quack" and sort of tries to repeat when we say it (sometimes!)

Averton- your daddy and i could not love anyone or anything more than we love YOU!!  you CRACK us up every day, make us happy when we're otherwise not, and you have just made our life 8million times better than it was before you got here!!! We love youuuu!!


Gabby said...

Awesome! Soooo cute. Cady hates after bath time, too. I don't know why...

The Wife said...

Happy 9 month bday to Averton!