Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay moms-

Help a sister out.  Little Aves is movin' on up in the world.  Brian & I have to pick out a new carseat for babygirl this week bc she has surpassed her carrier days!  I have been doing some research online, but could TOTALLY use your input.  I appreciate YOUR opinions a little bit more than those of random ppl online.

I would appreciate ANYTHING you have to offer!  We're thinking we'd like something that will last through her booster days...but that's is def not a necessity :)

K.  Thanks loves.  Happy Monday!


Gabby said...

We got the Sunshine Kids Radian XT. I would recommend the Sunshine Kids brand just because you can fit THREE into a backseat side by side, which means plenty of room for the new bebe without having to spring for a minivan.

We got it because we go to California at least once a year to see Tim's side of the family and need something that can travel. It folds and can be carried through the airport. Then we'll just set it up in the rental car.

It goes up to 80lbs and up to 4 foot 5 or something in height. It can be used rear facing up to 35 or 45 lbs. I can't remember which one.

We got the XT in particular because of the big side impact stuff, but there are a lot of different models.

Cady isn't in hers yet, but Babies R Us had a 15% off car seats coupon. We went ahead and got it since she's been wearing 12 months clothes since 6 months, and we think it will only be a matter of time. There may not be a coupon again when we need it.

I compared this car seat with different models of the same brand, but I also compared many other models of many different brands. Yeah, I spend my free time in weird ways.

I also read A LOT of customer reviews for the different seats. Granted, nothing is going to be perfect for everyone, but this one was the best one for us.

Two common complaints that I read were that it's heavy to carry (25 to 30 pounds-- Tim carried more in his pack than that in the Marines though and he'll be in charge of that).

Also in some cars, it can take up a lot of space when rear facing and forces the front seats to be moved forward (although a lot of people with "smaller" cars said they had no problem so I guess it just depends).

Good luck on your search. You could check out the Baby Bargains book, too. It has a lot of reviews on different items including car seats for every stage.

Abby said...

Go to the website
They have everything baby you can image at discount prices. The carseats go on sale because the fabric is discontinued. Check out the Britax marathon and Britax boulevard. Colt has the Boulevard and we LOVE it. It goes up to 65 pounds. Good luck!

Casey said...

We just got the Britax Marathon in cow print. Love it! We got ours from They are always having really good sales and you can get it cheaper than babies r us. They also ship it really fast with free shipping!

Alexa said...

I would definitely recommend a Britax! They are soooo super safe--once you watch the videos on their website you'll never want anything different! We have some friends whose daughter slept through a side impact crash in her Britax. Needless to say, they are amazing!