Monday, March 15, 2010


Off to the doc (finally!) tomorrow morning @ 950 to see if we can kill this crazy congestion issue that avery's got goin' on.  YAY.

ALLLL Avery has wanted to do lately is read.  Or play outside.  Unless we're doing either of those 2 things, she's not super pumped about life.

We signed on another 6-mo lease @ our apartment complex...3 BRs this time....makin' room for little Cameron!! CRAZY!!

I ordered some PBkids bedding for Cameron, but was having second thoughts about it....I got an email today that gave me an out.  It's on backorder for a few weeks, so I now have the option to cancel with a full refund!  What to do, what to do... I do LOVE the bedskirt...

This wknd I'm heading to Shreveport for my cousin's bachelorette party!!!  I'm excited, but actually pretty sad to leave Aves behind!!  I know her daddy will take good care of her...but I'll miss them both :(

Kerbs has some strange infection in the scar tissue of her healed belly incision.  She's on meds and we're HOPING it doesn't get worse! :(

Oh...another thing that makes Avery happy is when B plays the guitar and we sing some good country tunes together :)

A couple days ago I bought some little kid chairs from a lady in our neighborhood and I'm gonna paint one for Avery and one for Cameron...they'll be super cute&girly...I'm excited :)

AND I think I'm gonna buy a kids table & chairs from some other dude around here (from Craigslist) and repaint them super cute.  New hobby?  Perhaps...

I have my sewing machine...still haven't played w/it...sick little Ave has been keeping my hands TIED and hasn't been much of a napper.  As soon as she's's at the top of my to-do list though.  Yipppeeee :)

I'm excited for American Idol tomorrow.  I like when they really start narrowing the field....less awkward/painful performances to watch :) 

I'm also excited about March Madness!!!  I don't even have to skip work/class to watch the games this yr!  Sweeeeeet.


Gabby said...

Sounds like a lot of fun stuff going on. Cady likes pictures, but she mostly just chews on books. If I read to her, she laughs at inappropriate times like during the conflict of the story. It's funny. Can't wait to see what you make with your sewing machine!

April Allen Buck said...

ever visit ohdeedoh? they might have baby bedding inspiration for you! i love their re-nest and apartment therapy sites too :)