Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Beach Photo Shoot!

Here are some of my fave photos from our little family photo shoot on the beach in Galvy with Mrs. Lynn Kahla!  Thanks sooo much for making the trip, we LOVE the pics :)  I've still got to crop & edit them a bit before ordering any prints!  I want to order them ALL!! ...decisions decisions :)

so sweet together :)

heart MELTING <3

aalllllways chasing matter where we are!


the men in my life!

love my momma!!


2 best brothers in LIFE!!

the whole gang.

ha...cameron is QUICK!  big poppy saved her from the crashing waves...



Wendi said...

These are so good!! You have such a cute little family. :)

Ashley said...

So beautiful!!!

Lindsay said...

These pictures are super amazing!! Love them all!

Danielle said...

these are PRECIOUS!!!! LOVE the one of Avery kissing daddy & the one of the girls sitting on the beach. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! <3

Alicia said...

Seriously what a cute cute family:) I all the pictures but I do love the one of both sweet little girls:) What a happy mama you must be;)

Lynn said...

Precious girls, precious was fun!