Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My dearest T-babe and one of her besties, Lisa the Jersey Girl, came to visit us in McKinney a couple of weeks ago.  SUCH a great time just sitting around, not doing much of anything but chatting and catching up on life.  It was a blessing to have them here :)  Thanks for the visit gals!  Love you both!

June 25, 2011 was a gooooood day :)  My super great gorgeous awesome friend Jacci married super great hilarious awesome Dev!   The wedding took place @ a private residence in Georgetown, and was really just the coolest weekend ever.  Lots of time with fam, close friends, cute kiddos, yummy food, gorgeous flowers, and LOVVVVE in the air...what could be better? :)  Jacci did a completely amazing job with the wedding (she did it all herself!!)...I'll show off her work once the pics are ready!

The girls stayed with my parentals @ PuraVida during the wedding festivities and then we all headed to Galvy for an entire week!  Seriously amazing time with the whole Curry Connection.  I love mi familia so very much and am SO thankful we were able to spend such a long period of time together, away from the demands of our normal lives!  Big time blessing :)  Separate post coming soon.

My momma had a friend some take pics of the fam on the beach.  SO FRIGGIN CUTE.  I love family photos :)  My bros do NOT, but they were amazingly good sports about the whole adventure!  Pics coming later.

While I was gone, my softball team won the championship.  Hollaaa.  I was there in spirit, so I still got a shirt :)  The Has-Beens will be back to defend our title for the fall season...yipppeeeeee!!

B-Riz, the girls, and I had a pretty low-key 4th, which I will post about shortly.  Nothing too exciting, just our happy little fam of four back @ home in McKinney :)

I kicked the wall on accident yesterday.  It was a super light little kick, but I must have hit the wall jusssst right, because it broke my big toenail about 3/4 of the way down and about 95% of the way across.  It is literally hanging by a thread.  Didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it should have, but the soreness is ever-increasing.  Oops.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see something super special.  My friend Ambre, got to see her hub today for the first time since December 2010!  He came back from Iraq/Afghanistan (not sure which) today and they needed someone to snap a few photos of the extra-special occasion.  It truly was one of the sweetest things I have seen in a lonnnng time.  Ambre was so genuinely BEYOND excited while waiting for Chuck, and the smile on his face when he spotted his wife was just unreal.  So thankful the adorable DeLongchamp fam is back together!  


Tbaby said...

You are SOOO cute:) I love you and thanks for posting about me and Lisa! We had soo much fun hanging out with you and the babies!! yayyy!! :):)


Ashley Collins said...
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Ashley Collins said...

I love reading your blogs Rox!! Keep them coming!