Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Bro: The Master/Missionary!!

**This post was never posted, from back in early May...oops!**

Well, Riles is officially a Master :)  We spent our wknd in San Antonio celebrating his graduation from his Masters program @ Trinity.  I think it was officially called "Master of Arts in Teaching".  Rileton is a seriously talented and passionate teacher...whether he's teaching math, spanish, guitar, or The Word....he's a champ and really touches people's hearts & souls.  Love you Yiyi!  Loved getting to celebrate with you!  I can't wait to see where God uses your teaching talents in this world! 

I'm so incredibly proud of my bro who has accomplished a LOT in his 24 years!  Rileton, your leadership on the Trinity football team, in Alamo Heights Young Life, @ Stillwater Sports Camp, in FCA, @ Mission Lazarus, and just in every other opportunity that God has placed before you is so awesome and fun to watch.  Your heart for The Lord and doing His work makes me feel super honored to have you as 1/3 of the Curry Connection ;)

proud parentals... rand & rach rock :)

Riles' getting some love from his professors!

Speaking of God using Riles in the world...he is heading to Honduras in a month to begin his work with Mission Lazarus. He did a 6-month stint there back in 2010, and could have stayed forever, but he had grad school committments to honor back in the states. He has been working super hard the last few months to raise money to support his work @ ML & to get his life in Texas organized and taken care of so that he can begin the next phase of his life in Honduras. Mission Lazarus is a pretty amazing place that has totally captured Riley's heart. Check out their website to see how God is doing some great things in Honduras. I've never been, which is super sad to me, but plan to visit him at some point during the next 2 years that he's there for sure! Again, I am so proud of my bro for telling God, "Here am I, send me", and then actually listening to God's voice and following where Him into the unknown. I love you soooooo very much Riles and am praying for you & the work you will do in Honduras constantly.

The clinic @ Las Pitas
Pleeeease join me in praying for my bro, for God to prepare his heart every day, to prepare the perfect place for him in Honduras, to work so mightily in the hearts of the Honduran people, and for Mission Lazarus, all of the people working through Mission Lazarus, and for all of the amazing work they're doing! Thank you sooo very much :)

PS- I'll brag on my other amazing bro sometime in the near future :)


Ashley said...

Very cool! A good friend of our Cameron Hartsell, is the project director with Mission Lazarus in Honduras. I'm sure they will get to be good buddies! David & I have been wanting to go for a while now!

Robin Brient said...

Thanks for posting this! I just read some of the stories on their website and It's always great to hear about different organisations around the world working to share God's love and gospel! Tell your brother we are praying for his work! :)