Friday, June 3, 2011

"Bradford Backyard Beach" ...Avery's 2nd Birthday Party!!

toddlers + water + sand + slide + sunglasses + friends & fam + FOOD 
 Avery's 2nd Birthday Party!!

so pumped to model her new suit :)
Thanks so much to our loved who made it out... the kiddos were friggin adorable running a muck all over our backyard.  We loved just hangin' out, chatting, eating, and watching the kiddos enjoy life :)  Yay for celebrating our insanely loved first-born on her special day (even though her birthday was almost a month ago!)
good friends

this child LOVED flying down the slide

colt & aves obsessing over the beachball sprinkler.  tatum...mmm...not so much :)

my babygirl trying to keep up w the big kids!

getting dirty never gets old for a toddler

time to re-energize w/some fruit & veggies!!

don't worry.  baby seester did NOT go hungry...

time fro presents!! aves was so worried about destroying the wrapping paper.  

beautiful jake.

cupcake time!! so dainty.  took her like...15 minutes to eat this thing...

what you don't see is the entire half of her cupcake that fell on the grass.  she was a little bummed about it i think...

happy bday my sweet little nugget!!!

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Ivy said...

this is precious!!! the pic of avery with her legs crossed opening her gifts is priceless. what a little princess!!