Friday, June 17, 2011

Pinkalicious!! ...and baby cupcakes :)

Pinkalicious is Avery's new fave book.  SO cute.  Love the cute little story.  Love the cute little dramatic main character.  Love the cute little dialogue.  LOVE the cute little illustrations!!  We read it before every nap and before bed every night.  It's a REQUIRED pre-sleepy-time ritual for little miss Averton.

So...because we read Pinkalicious so much (AND bc she's my daughter), Aves has been super fixated on cupcakes for the last few days.  So yesterday we finallyyyy had a little baking sesh in the kitchen.  SO fun.  She was the greatest little baking assistant.  We made little minis and Aves decorated a few for herself, one for Cameron (who lovvvved it of course!), and a couple for daddy.  My little Preshling.  I'll bake cupcakes with you anyday :)
pouring & mixing.  so focused :)

sneaking LOTS of tastes even after mommy said "no" ...must have learned that one from Pinkalicious ;)

baking buddies!

this child waited in front of the oven for almost the entire time!

beautiful baby cupcake decor

i want one i want one!!!!!

DELECT.  what a great little treat to wake up to.  Don't get used to it C-Lil ;)


margot said...

so sweet!! you should post this on the Pinkalicious facebook page!! :-)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a darling mommy daughter adventure!! And could her ponytail be more beautiful :)