Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cameron is a Walking Machine!

So.  Cameron took a few steps a few weeks ago.  And then, she decided she was over it. She is the fastest crawler in life and I guess she could get where she wanted to get when she wanted to get there, so...crawling it was!  Well, THEN she decided that yesterday, it was time for her to move on up in the world.  As of Monday, June 13th, 2011, Cameron Lily is a walking MACHINE!  She chooses walking as her mode of transportation far more often than she chooses the good ol' crawl.  And she's doing awesome!  So fun to watch my angel grow and change!  BUT...I am cherishing every last bottle feeding I possibly can before she gives up the bottle! AH!!!!!  I LOVVVE having a little baby, and when the bottle goes bye-bye, so does babyhood (in my book.)

For now, I think my little walking baby is the cutest little baby in America :)  Love you, C-Lil!!

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Catie Grace Bird said...

Way to go Cam!!! What a big girl!