Thursday, June 2, 2011

B-Rizzle Turns 31: Top Golf Style!

We spent Friday night @ the new Top Golf in Allen (superrrrrwaycoolplace, ps) w/a few friends and our familias to celebrate Brian's stellar 31 years of life.  Great time.  Great people.  Great golf.  (That last one is a lie...but it was totally FUN golf).  Top Golf is basically a combo of bowling and a driving range.  Inside the building there's a little restaurant, a bar, TVs, and then you step outside to play the game.  It's a giant outdoor driving range surrounded by nets (obvi) and each group has their own lane (called a "bay").  You swipe your little player card and just like bowling, you each get a certain number of balls to hit.  Your balls have a chip them which tracks where it lands, and each of the targets is worth a different number of points.  There are some twists to the game, but I won't get into that.  Let's just say that I won my first game and if I were to play an actual round of golf, I would score over 200... NO LIE.  So, don't be scurrrrd.  TRY IT!  SO super fun.

Back to the birthday.  Happy bday to my TEEEErrific hubster, B-Riz!  I love you so very much and love celebrating life every day with you!  Yay for spending the rest of our lives together!!  Another year come & gone, but it's okay, you've got plenty to show for it! 

I want to document some things that B-Riz should be SUPER proud of from his 31st year of life (bc he is insanely humble and would never share or even care to remember any of them, but I'm his proud wifey, so it's my duty!)

  • You became a daddy of TWO!  Yay Camerton! You make some pretty babygirls, babe.
  • You got hired on to Alcon from the Quintiles side.  PRAISE the Lord :)
  • You were able to move back into a house, one of your goals!  Yay!
  • Florida trip from Pataday Contest Victory!  holla
  • President's Club w/Alcon...whatwhat!! 
    • and thus...our trip to Mexico!  {thx, boo!}
  • You finished number ONE in the NATION @ work.  Um.  Kind of a big deal.  SO proud of your hard work babe :)
  • Annnd most importantly, you still have the coolest wife EV.  ;)
May your 32nd year be full of God's blessings :)  I'm happy you were born Brian David Bradford! {Thx MarshMarsh & Davey!}

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