Monday, May 30, 2011


  • We're loving having the Mavs in the NBA Finals.  I am by no means a Mavs fan (I'm a Rockets fan for life...not matter how painful it gets!), but I love having a sporting event to center our social life around :) 
  • I'm pumped that Lebron is finally in the FINALS.  I used to be a lover.  Now, I'm not a lover OR a hater...just excited to watch this FINALS!
  • Avery's party was on Saturday and it was a GREAT time with good friends.  Watching the little ones play together was kinnnnd of adorable.  
  • The Curry Crew AND The Bradford Bunch were in town this wknd.  LOVED being surrounded by our entire fam for 2 straight days!
  • We probably spend 3 nights a week with the Wegs.  Love it. Super thankful for their friendship!
  • Aves and Cam play together more & more everyday.  Today they were playing peek-a-boo with the playroom curtains and CRACKING up, which in turn had B-Riz and me cracking up.  CUTIES.
  • The new Top Golf: Allen opened up last week, and we spent Friday night there with fam & friends for B's 31st bday celebration!  That place is the bomb.  Seriously.  We will mosdef be returning.  In the meantime, I need to work on my golf swing...or maybe learn HOW to properly swing a golf club.  That's a good place to start :)
  • The girls are IN.LOVE. with their new climber/slide for the backyard.  And thus, so am I. :)
  • Casizzle and I have committed to taking the girls on a run once a week after she gets off work.  2 weeks and counting.  Loving it.
  • This is the first time in almost 3 years that I have been NON-pastey.  I wouldn't call my current tone "tan", but it is definitely NON-pastey.  I'm not opposed.
  • My new darker hair is great.  I am having no problem embracing it.  I AM however, struggling to embrace the super-blondness of the bottom half of my hair.  The old highlights are busting through thanks to their frequent exposure to this summer sun.  Oh well.
  • The reality that Riles is moving to another country in less than 2 months has been hitting me harder the last couple of weeks.  MAN.  I'm gonna miss talking to/seeing him soooooooooooo very much.  But, I could NOT be more proud of him for following God's calling for this part of his life.  
  • Watching B-Riz melt because of little things the girls do & say has been making ME melt big time lately.  Nothing sweeter :)  So thankful I have a hub who adorrrrres his girls (all 3 of us!)
  • I am dyyyyying to start playing soccer again.  I have always missed it, but since I was pregnant for basically 2 straight years, I didn't pay it much mind.  Well, now that I'm physically capable, it's time.  I am searching for a league MANANA!
  • I have been praying that God would make me ultra-aware of the parts of my life and my SELF that needed some good examining/re-working.  He has totally done that, and I am totally thankful :)  He's good like that.  
  • I have come to the realization that there will NEVER be enough time to do all of the things I'd love to do each day.  And that is so totally fine.  This realization has helped me to prioritize.  Prioritizing has helped me realize how COMPLETELY insignificant MANY of the things I'd "like to do" actually are.  Just that simple realization has given me some big time freedom.  Thanks Lord. 

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