Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mothers' Day 2011/Avery's 2nd Birthday!!

I never posted about this!  Aves and I got to share the day which was super fun!  

First off....my mom.  Being a mom myself has given me a new appreciation and understanding of my own mom.  I can better understand how DEEPLY she loves me.  I get that I (along w/my bros) bring her SO much joy and she would do anything..literally anything...for us to be healthy and happy and thriving!  I also know that we frustrated the LIFE out of her on way too many occasions.  It's interesting how you can never understand that your parents really truly want the very best for you in all things at all times...until you become a parent!  Having my own munchkins has made me 983,000 times MORE thankful for my awesome mom.  Love you Rachey!  You are the greatest!

So Aves and I shared a super great day....loved it :)  B-Riz let me sleep in and got up with the girls, which was awesommmme :)  They made me a yummy breakfast, and we just hung out all morning in our PJs.  We let Aves open a few presents before we started getting ready for church, and she was just THE cutest thing.  She was excited.  GOSH I love that child :)  It's insane that she's been alive for TWO YEARS!!!  We could not adore her more.  She's hilarious.  She's beautiful.  She's sweet, loving, kind, & affectionate.  She's got some 'tude sometimes, but she's the bomb.  Her vocab is inproving EVERY day,  she says and does things that we are SHOCKED that she even knows!  2 year old brains are pretty impressive.  LOVE YOU AVERTON!  Happy bday babygirl!

After Cameron's nap, we grabbed a quick bite & then went to late service @ church (which I think we're going to start doing...)  John talked about moms for just a bit before he began his sermon, and for some reason, I was just INSANELY emotional.  During pretty much the whole service and throughout the day.  On a day when we intentionally celebrate motherhood, I just couldn't escape thinking about how EXPLODING with love and joy and gratitude and happiness my heart is because of Avery & Cameron.  I literally can think of NO greater thing to do in my life than to raise my 2 girls.  Even when you're friggin wiped OUT, frustrated, whatever...you still LOVE being a mom.  What other job is like that!?  We get to take them from the day they're born and love them with the love of Christ, teach them about God, teach them His ways, encourage them, direct their path (as much as they'll let us!), crack up @ their silliness, hug & kiss & horseplay w/them non-stop....it's just... the greatest.  A great responsibility and a great JOY and a great honor.  And I am SO thankful God has blessed me with this opportunity in my life :)  I literally could not have EVER imagined how wonderfully perfect being a mom is.  
{still trying to find my camera cord to upload pics of me w/my babieeees!!}

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