Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lots to celebrate in the SL!!

I spent last wknd in The Shoog showering Jacci with some pre-marital love.  I was SO happy to finally make it to something wedding-related.  The hostesses did an awesome job on this shower! Even though I was one of them, I can say that, because I didn't contribute any cool ideas, I just signed on to everyone else's creativity :)  It was so pretty and so fun!  Love you Jacci!  Can't wait til the big day!

I got to have lunch @ a yummy place in Houston with The Curry fam, who I RARELY (unfortunately) get to see to celebrate Kelli-Bell's high school graduation!  So proud, cuz!  I love spending time with mi familia.  It's a different dynamic when we get together now that my Pawpaw is gone.  I think losing him just made us all appreciate each other a little bit more.  We still miss him like crazy, but are super thankful for all the love that he left behind!!  Love you Pawpaw!!

I spent Saturday night @ Taytay's weddinnnggg!!! My mom was my date (pretty good-looking date!), and we had a blasssssst.  It was basically a soccer reunion, just like anytime one of us soccergals gets hitched :)  We danced it up, caught up on life, took lots of pics, and talked about how we can find a way to see each other more often, because these weddings are going to end soon! :(  Love you girls!! Can't wait til July!!

I had the greatest time with ppl I love but never get to see, but am so thankful that I have the people I love the MOST to come home to!!  I missed my Aves, Camo, & B-Riz :)

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