Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cameron's First Steps!!

Camo took her first steps yesterday.  She's been pulling up and cruising around like a champ for a couple of months now, but has never shown any interest in trying it without support :)  She can speed-crawl with the best of them, so I guess she can get where she wants to go fast enough.  :)  Avery almost skipped the crawling phase and walked at 8.5 months, so we kind of thought Camo would follow suit.  I have loved the crawling phase though...I think it's super-presh to watch her sprint-crawl all over America.  

Anyway, yesterday we were playing with her ball and she just randomly stood up and took 2 steps toward me.  Then, she stood up and took 4.  And that was the end of it.  :)  It was so unexpected, and by the time I got the video camera, she was donesky.  Oh well, I got a cute little action-still :)  Cameron is growing UP!  

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