Monday, May 9, 2011

Seis de Mayo Fiesta!!

Here @ the Bradford casa, we hosted a Seis de Mayo partay (since Cinco was a Thurs!) We invited a random group of people (one of my FAVE things!) and had some terrif adult time.  The night consisted of fajitas, frozen margaritas, the Mavs, a fire-pit, a pinata, chit-chat, and some creepy 'stache action.  Needless to was a great time with cool people.  Thanks to everyone who came! 

Side-note:  The only bad thing about this night was that it took place on that same night as Jacci & Dev's couples shower in The Shoog, which I was super bummed to miss!  Love you Jacqueline!!

bunco gals

someone's excited about the pinata...

casey taking a swing

couple photos

dos amigos.

goofy girls :)

who doesnt love a good uni??


Sarah Ruth said...

Muchos Gracias for hosting us to a fabuloso super fun party!!! Loved it! Such a fun, festive group! Thanks Bradfords!

Marsha said...

mucho recreationo