Monday, August 1, 2011

God is at work....

When I moved away from Sugar Land and left First Colony, I knew I would never find a preacher that I adored quite as much as I adore Ronnie Norman.  God speaks through that man STRAIGHT to my heart literally every time I hear him speak.  Super awesome.  Well, from the first time Brian and I walked into Hope Fellowship Frisco, we knew we had found our home, thanks in HUGE part to John Makenzie.  He has a way of doing the same thing Ronnie does, he speaks genuinely, passionately, and you can just see his Jesus-Serving heart spilling out all over the stage with each sermon.  I am SO insanely thankful that God has given us this church family to encourage and teach Brian and I (and our girls! the kids stuff if the bomb for sure).

So, John's messages of late couple with the Revelation study my Lifegroup is doing have been super cool for me.  I expected something different from Revelation, just knowledge.  But, instead, The Holy Spirit has been convicting me in all sorts of interesting and exciting ways.  Revelation talks basically nonstop about True Believers.  I have no doubts about my salvation, but I've had this new awakening in my heart to serve God more intentionally.  God has given me a lot of great wisdom and conviction in the last year, mostly having to do with embracing and running with my new (well, somewhat new) role as a mom and wife.  He's also been giving me some major words about the realities of sin & satan (but that's for another time!)

I have realized that although I still have a gazillion people that I adore and care about and want to love on, my current calling is to deeply love and serve my family and the people that God has made accessible in my life right now.  I'm okay with that. I have learned and am still learning new ways to encourage and love the people I have known and loved for years, but who no longer live near me.  It's more challenging to SHOW love with distance in between, but I am trying to take my cues from Jesus. Because really, it's not about me and how much I wish people knew how much I care/think about them, it's about bringing honor and glory and recognition to Jesus' name.  I am more excited and honored to WORK HARD at being a Godly wife to Brian and Godly momma to my girls.  I'm EXCITED about this role, and although there are still many times that I find myself feeling burdened or inconvenienced, God has given me the power to overcome those feelings and redirect those thoughts that I'm pretty certain are from Satan.

I realize that this opportunity to support Brian as a wife, is something huge that God has put before me.  Brian is an amazing dude.  He loves The Lord and truly desires to glorify Him with his life.  That's a tough job, and as his wife, I'm excited about the fact that I get to encourage him, support him, comfort him, and love him in a way that pushes him toward Jesus.  That's an honor.  My heart is really being challenged about the times that I don't feel like putting my all into this role, because "I'm tired" or "it doesn't really matter" or I'm just not in the mood.  It truly is my life's work right now, and I have been reminded that God wants and expects me to "work at it as if working for The Lord"...because I AM working for The Lord!

God has also given me an awesome renewed excitement for parenting my little sweet peas :)  Not that it's much of a challenge to love those cute littles, but I see that it is a responsibility that God has placed in front of Brian and me.  Everything I do with them and for them, is ultimately for the Kingdom of God.  They are His, and I have received the blessing of providing for, nurturing, teaching, disciplining, and loving them in a way that prepares them for a life of knowing, loving, and serving God.  SO COOL.  When I remember that, I approach my days with so much more enthusiasm, excitement, and I really believe that God gives me more energy and patience when I keep Him at the forefront of my mind.

DEFINITELY not saying I've mastered any of this, but I am working every day at turning my transformed thoughts into a transformed life.  As my heart continues to be tweaked by the Holy Spirit, I know that my actions will continue to follow.  :)   Man, God is pretty awesome.


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing inspiration. I wish I had had you as a friend when Dad and I were raising you 3 kids. You continue to humble me. Mom

Patricia Boettcher said...

What a great post, straight from your heart. This has been a good reminder for me. I just am amazed at your endless enthusiasm and positive outlook. It rubs off :) Keep it up girl! God is good at the transforming thing. And yes, he totally rocks!