Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Friends

There's nothing quite like good friends.  I was blessed with amaaaazing friends growing up.  People who loved me deeply, encouraged me, comforted me, sharpened me, spoke truth into my life when i needed it, really KNEW me.  They are still my greatest friends, and ALWAYS will be :)  Soooooo thankful for them!

Now, to find COUPLE friends who have this role in my life, in Brian's life, AND in our life as a couple, seems like an insanely rare GEM.   God has given us this blessing, and I am incredibly thankful.  We just had the pleasure of spending 5 straight days with some of our most favorite people in the whole entire world, the Hays!  We have fun together.  We have similar interests.  We can be totally relaxed and REAL around each other.  But most importantly, they not only believe in God and Jesus, but they ACTIVELY serve Him.  They are an encouragement to our lives individually, and they are an encouragement to our marriage.  They treat each other with kindness and respect, while still allowing for goofiness and fun :)  They truly care about people and their feelings.  They try to make the RIGHT decision, even when it makes life more difficult.  

I have found myself just thanking God nonstop for blessing Brian and me with good, Godly, kind, fun, caring, gentle-spirited, patient, deeply-loving friends.  It's a blessing that makes our life happier, more peaceful, and more God-centered.  The Hays have blessed me as a person and have blessed my marriage.  I love you, Hay Familia!!  God hooked the Bradfords up with some GOOD friends!  :)

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Dana said...

Agreed. Sooo much! Having people like this in our life was a huge factor in turning our marriage around when it needed turning around.