Wednesday, August 24, 2011

98 Degrees

Not the hotties who can kind of sing well.  Nooo...the 98 degrees I speak of existed inside of the Bradford Casa... for 3 days straight!

Our A/C broke last Friday (of that all repair shops covered by our home warranty were closed), and thank the GOOD LORD for our super generous and sweeeeeeet friends, the Weggies, who let us crash their pad while they were out of town... and even after they got back.  WE LOVE YOU WEGS!!

Aves was obsessed with sleeping in Tatum's bed (toddler bed!! we're totally switching hers, but of course don't expect the same jolly results ha), and totally loved all of Tot's big stuffed disney characters.  She was spoiled :)  And little Cam-Cam lovvvved having some new & different toys to keep her occupied.  I SO wish i would have gotten a video of the 2 little rugrats dancing with Tatum's dancing/singing Mickey.  WHOA.  hilar.  They were both in love.

Our A/C is all fixed up, and we're back to a happy temp of 76ish around here (74- if Brian has his way!).  We totalllyyyyy feel for all of you who have had your A/Cs go out lately!  I realize that we are NOT the only ones who have gone through this ordeal.   Oh, and I also TOTALLY feel for the guys who work outdoors all day in the middle of the Texas summer.  MAN.  I hope they get paid really well. Boo for broken A/Cs...but I still LOVE the summer!

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