Monday, August 29, 2011

Chick Fil A Frannnnns :)

The girls and I met Brian for lunch today @ "Chick-a-lay" before his biz trip.  While the munchies played on the playground, I made some new friends!  One lady just moved to the South from New York so that she could stay at home with her 2 littles and her husband had better opportunities in his business.  I asked her what he does, and she shared that they have a "health & wellness" business.   It's a company I had never heard of until today, but apparently they're the top natural nutrition company in the United States!  Whoa.  Where have I been?  So, I shared that I have a fitness & health business and her immediate reply was, "Do you do bootcamps?  If so, I'm in!"  So... looks like I've found a)- a new friend,  b)- a new client, and c)-new playmates for Aves & Cam-cam!

The other chick then shared that she is working on her Masters in Nutrition.  COOL!  I  was actually researching all of the possibilities for further education in nutrition so as to become an R.D. eventually.  This chick will be a perfect resource for good info, and possibly even an asset to my business!  We all exchanged numbers, promised to talk business before too long, and were excited at the prospect of new playmates all living within a 2 miles radius of each other!

I love random encounters :)

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