Thursday, September 15, 2011

Potty Training w/Aves!!

WARNING: Much toddler potty talk exists below these stars...
A few months ago, we attempted to start potty-training Averton.  Um.  It was a no-go.  The little munchkin just wasn't quite ready, so after a few days we ditched the big-girl underwear and stuck with diapers for another couple months.  About 3 weeks ago, we made attempt #2, and this time, Aves has been all about it!  She doesn't do the whole post-tinkle "treat" thing.  She's just not motivated by it for some reason.  She seems more motivated by our excitement with her success.  Kind of a cutie :)  Who knew a trip to the bathroom could result in so much joy :)
Each time she goes, she exclaims with GLEE, "I GO TEE-TEE!!" with the most excited smile on her face :)
Anywho- we're still sleeping in diapers, but starting to work on the concept of not going potty ANYWHERE, but on the potty!  I'm not sure how long kiddos usually sleep in pullups before they're 100% potty-trained.  Right now, she waits until she's in bed with a diaper on to go #2...she tries to go in the potty sometimes, but hasn't had success yet.  We've got #1 down to a T!  So proud.  There's nothing cuter than seeing that tiny little hiney running around in undies!  

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Casey said...

I love this picture!! Awesome! So glad Aves has joined the potty club :) She was cracking me up last night playing Simon says with puppy...instead of sleeping! HAHAHA!!!