Monday, September 19, 2011

The Good Life by RoxyB

So I realized in looking back at my blog, that I haven't really documented ANY of my journey in getting back into the business of fitness!  Since it's a pretty significant part of my life, I want to be able to go back and read about new opportunities, my thought processes, and lessons learned during this whole thing!

So... I've ALWAYS known that I want to be in the health/fitness/wellness world for the rest of my life.  It combines all of my passions: a love for PEOPLE, the gift of ENCOURAGEMENT, both sides of EDUCATION, physical ACTIVITY, taking care of the temple aka- HEALTH.  Since Avery's birth, I've taken a hiatus from my fitness profession, but around the beginning of 2011, I decided I was ready to stick my toes back in and test the waters :) 

It started with my Fitness blog (late 2010), which was just my outlet for sharing fitness and wellness information!  I'm constantly playing with the layout, trying to find something I'm satisfied with (who knows if that will ever happen!), but I just want it to be something that people can refer to for any questions they may have relating to fitness!  I want it to be user-friendly, well-organized, and easy to look at.  Who knows... maybe we'll get there one day :)

After The Simple Plan in April, I felt prepared to take on my first "official" clients, and thus has blossomed, "The Good Life".  My dear friend Kelly Simants, of Sweet Pea Events, has been an insane blessing in giving me advice, encouragement, and support on the business side of things.  God definitely orchestrated this friendship for many awesome reasons, probably the least of which is for my business' benefit :)

My clients have been super fun, some have been super challenging, and I am LOVING it.  A few months into this adventure I realized that I needed to give myself limits and designate certain parts of my day that could be devoted to "The Good Life", because although I love it, I did NOT want it taking time and energy away from my babygirls or my hubby or my wife/mom duties (which I LOVE and are my #1 priority!)  After feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed for a short period of time, I figured out how to make things work... reprioritized :) It's amazing how when you bite the bullet and just spend more time in The Word, EVEN when you feel like there's NOT enough time, your days seem miraculously longer and The Lord finds a way to provide the time you need, the peace you need, and the attitude you need :)   Love it.

Anyway- that's what's been up with The Good Life by RoxyB in a nutshell.  There are some pretty fun opportunities I get to be a part of in the near future that wouldn't have presented themselves without The Good Life in my life!  Will share them soon.  Time for bed.  I'm thankful that God has blessed me with so many things.  HE is enough for me.  But He has blessed me beyond what I need with a super awesome husband to share my life with, 2 little angels of love that bless every minute I spend with them, and the opportunity to have a business that I'm excited about!

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