Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moms Night In- N.Texas

So I'm super excited to be a part of this cool event: Moms' Night In hosted by McDonald's of North Texas.  McDonald's Regional Marketing Director of North Texas, Jordan (super cool chick!), contacted me a while back (she first found me through The Good Life by RoxyB blog!) about participating in an event to educate influential moms of North Texas on how to integrate a healthy lifestyle with a super-busy lifestyle!  Of course, that's my fave thing, so I was intrigued from the start :)  McDonald's has begun offering healthier options on their menus, has changed old options to remove at least portions of the unecessary unhealthiness, and has begun adopting MUCH more environmentally friendly business practices.  Most of this has happened without the general public's knowledge.  With their commitment to promote & encourage a healthier lifestyle, McDonald's (well...Jordan) came up with this great idea to involve local moms in a conversation about challenges moms face in raising a healthy family with such busy and demanding schedules.

On October 5th, we'll address some of the most common issues moms (and our families!) deal with each day, and we'll offer tips and advice on little changes we can make to lead to a healthier existence for us, our husbands, and our little ones!  I'm really pumped to be on the panel with Nutrition-Super-Expert Carina Saez and have the oportunity to educate people on what we're passionate about!

If you're located in the North Texas area, the event is taking place at a McDonald's location in Irving (THE most amazing fast food restaurant I've ever seen!).  Be sure to RSVP to receive a goodie bag full of coupons, discounted services, and helpful info!  You'll even be invited to tour the kitchen with a Food Safety Expert to see all of the health and safety-conscious measures McDonald's takes in their food prep.  If you are NOT located in the North Texas area, you can join in the conversation on Twitter.  We'll have a live feed at hashtag #MomsNightIn.  Simply use the hashtag to share your thoughts and to get your questions answered!

Don't miss out.  It should be super fun :)

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Lynn said...

That is so awesome, Roxanne. I hope it's a super fabulous day at McDonalds.