Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy T-Giv, Fools. Love, The Stomach Bug

DISCLAIMER:  This is not for the weak of stomach! 

**You have been warned...**

It all started a week ago.  On Tuesday evening we took a nice little Family'o'Four outing to Cristina's Mexican to enjoy our last meal in McKinney before traveling for the T-Giv holiday.  All was well, until an explosion of vomit erupted from poor little CamCam's adorable little body.  Over.  and Over.  and Over.  I wrapped her in my scarf and Brian's jacket and exited the premises as quickly as possible while Brian & Aves stayed behind for damage control.  This continued off & on for the next 5ish hours.  But by morning, C-Lil was a champ!  She acted like nothing had happened.  We let the day play out and decided we were safe for travel, so we packed up as planned and hit the road for Lufkin!

T-Giv day was a blast!  Everyone was happy & healthy, full & exhausted by day's end!  A Longhorns victory was a perfect cap for a TEEriffic day.  After a good night's sleep for everyone, Friday's plan was to relax with fam, watch football, and let the kiddos play. Unfortunately, my supercool SnL came down with the dreaded stomach bug early in the day and was down & out for the next 24 hours.  After a trip to AcuteCare, some prescription meds, & some crackers & Sprite she was finally ready to emerge from her bedroom come Saturday morning.  We met up with some old friends and their little man for lunch on Saturday (dear Lord, I hope we didn't spread the germage to that sweet boy!) and watched lots MORE football that afternoon/evening.  MarshMarsh hooked us up with a delish dinner that night and everyone hit the hay pretty early.  We were all wiped.  Um.  FF to 12:30.

Little Averton was puking her little angel face off.  I was having chills and aching to the max anyway, so I didn't lose any sleep by spending my night assisting my sweet firstborn.  Poor sweet girl did so great!  She was a champ and by the end, didn't even cry anymore when the vomit sessions would hit.  She even talked/waved to a train that was driving by at about 3am in between gags.  Haha... sad/funny/precious all at the same time.  By 3:30, Aves tummy had chilled out and she slept the rest of the night.  This momma, on the other hand, was straight up MIZZZZ.  Achiness was O.O.C.  Feverish and freezing.  Dramatic?  Maybe.  True?  Heck yes.  I woke up to find out that Brian had begun throwing up that morning and was locked in the back bedroom.  My poor familia.  Brian's ANGELIC parentals saved the day and took the kiddos while I took some advil for the aches and tried to sleep off my fever.  I finally got a few hours of DEEP sleep and started the slow but steady road to feeling better. 

Brian and I were quite a scene in the car on the way home.  We looked like death, both felt like we had been hit by a bus, and hardly uttered a word the whole way.  Our girls, however, were happy as ever!  SUPER thankful their illnesses were short-lived :)  On Monday, Brian was as good as new and I was def improved.  Last night I felt great and was pumped to start a new HEALTHY week. 

So...at around 12:30, I had this dream of total DejaVu.  Brian busted into the room with Cameron in his arms because she had just started throwing up...  Wait.  Um.  I wasn't dreaming.  SERIOUSLY?  Thankfully, that was the only time Cam threw up last night.  HOPEFULLY we are now in the clear and can start venturing out in public again by tomorrow! 

Despite all of our tummy issues, we truly did have a fantastic Thanksgiving!  We enjoyed tons of quality family time, the girls spent hours upon hours with their big-kid cousins, and we enjoyed lots of football/rest/food!  Thankful for a family who is willing to HELP in times of need :)   Hope your T-Giv rocked too.  I think 2011 will not be forgotten anytime soon in the Bradford Casa!

Missed you, Curry familia! 

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