Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The knowledge that God chose ME to be the mother of my 2 sweet girls is humbling, baffling, encouraging, and at times overwhelming.  My journey to motherhood has been pretty typical.  Brian and I conceived both of our children.  That seems normal.  So normal, in fact, that the miraculous part of it gets completely lost.  God decided when to create those 2 little lives.  He saw them through to a healthful completion.   He allowed Brian and I to experience their lives beyond just a few minutes, weeks, or months.  He chose for us to be their parents from Day 1. 

I realize that this is NOT the journey to Motherhood that many of God's children will experience.  For some, He has chosen the gift of a child who was conceived in another womb, maybe even another country.  But still, He created that little bundle of cells knowing who would raise her.  He saw her development through to a perfect completion.  He chose who would deliver her and where she would be delivered, knowing all the while when she would be passed into the hands and heart of the one she could call "mommy".  And for this mommy, He has worked and chipped and prepared her heart for THIS child.  No part of her story, nor her child's, is a mistake.  It's not a broken story, who's pieces He needed to clean up.  It's a jigsaw puzzle of perfection that He had planned from the beginning.  This journey is almost even more miraculous than a journey like mine.  That God uses so many people to get a single one of his children into the hands meant to hold them forever... is one of the most telling pictures of the way He loves us.  His love goes so far beyond any definition or picture we can use to describe it, that its playing out often leaves us confused and dumbfounded.  But the truth of its perfection remains.

Motherhood.  The opportunity to love, hold, teach, encourage, provide for one of His own, is never anything but perfectly planned, and flawlessly purposed.  By Him.  Our Father.  Our Creator.  The Lover of our Souls.  He is Good.  In all things, He is Good.

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Kayla said...

Oh my goodness Rox that was such a sweet post!! I may or may not have started crying in my office. Love you!! :)