Monday, June 16, 2008

Hooked on ...GOLF?!??

My plans to be super productive today were just scorched by two amazing golfers. Since I don't have lab today, and I have rescheduled all of my afternoon clients, I have a good 3 hours worth of time to do things like laundry, clean the kitchen, walk the dog, work out, study...

Yeah right. The stupid U.S. Open WILL. NOT. END. It was supposed to finish yesterday, but Tiger and Rocco keep TYING!! I'm entertained, but I'm also totally neglecting my wife-duties.

Oh well. Go Rocco/Tiger. I can't even decide who I'm rooting for!

UPDATE: Apparently, I was rooting for Rocco. Tiger just won and I'm a little bit sad.


Tbaby said...

yea, i heard about the sudden death thing...but luckily, I'm and NOT into golf in the slightest...I'll just wait for Sportscenter to tell me what happened... instead, I had the productive day that you wanted to which consisted of a long attempt to finish working out...long story, but finally did:) saw some great ppl, and I feel goooood...:) go Tiger I guess;)

Ivy said...

hahaha without fail, your posts always make me laugh! hope you have a great week! <3