Sunday, June 15, 2008

the weekend...

Friday was my first day at the East Texas Crisis Center. Candace (a friend/fellow trainer at Premier) and I are teaching a "PE"-ish class for an hour every Friday at the Crisis Center over the summer. It's about 15 kids ranging from age 4 to age 17 and was awesome!! Seriously, we had such a blast and I am super super excited to get back over there again this Friday. I wasn't sure how the kids would react to new peopleIt's amazing how easy it is to convince kids that something is "cool" haha... I can already tell I am gonna be ultra-sad when we're done for the summer :(

Brian and I headed out to Dallas for the weekend for his cousin's wedding. It was at her sister's house in Rockwall. Umm...BEAUTIFUL!!! It was super the backyard...basically, I want their house. They live on a mini-lake, have a gorgeous pool, TONS of trees, a huuuge amount of yard for their kids to play on, but they still have neighbors so they're not secluded out in the middle of no where. B's cousin, Christy, married her late brother's best friend. It's a pretty awesome story. I was holding back tears througout the whole ceremony. YAY for weddings :)

On Saturday morning, our friends who are vacationing in COlorado with us in August, met us at the REI in Dallas for their big "members only" garage sale. Umm...WHOA. People CAMP OUT the night before in order to be first in line for these things! It was crazy. We got there 2 hours before it opened and there were a solid 50 people in front of us. Despite our apparent tardiness, we were super successful in finding the larger items that we're gonna need. We got amaaaaaaaaaaazing deals on our packs and found the ULTIMATE steal on a down mummy bag. So...I'm def gonna be super warm every night up in the Rockies :)

We came back Sat night so we could visit a new church this morning. Vineyard was pretty cool. It was definitely the emo/hippy church on Tyler, Tx. And, to be honest, I really liked it! We still have 2 others that we are for sure gonna visit, but not til the next time we're in town. So...we don't have a church yet, but at least we're making progress and makin some marks on our "Churches to Visit" List. :)

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend. And have a DELIGHTFUL Monday :)


Tichenor Family said...

I saw your sweet mama at church yesterday. She was trying to get Kev & I to convince you and B to move back to SL too! I told her we'd work on you! Love you... miss the pics!

Jacci said...

fix your camera woman! glad you had a good weekend! love ya sexmeister!