Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Brian and I have officially been married for a year. CRAZY!! We celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We've been told by SO many people that the first year is the hardest.... HA! There is NO doubt in my mind that this is a complete and total farce (at least for us). If it doesn't get tougher somewhere along the way, then something just isn't right. We are still having a blast together...the same way we did a week into our marriage! Brian is still my favorite person ever and I'm STILL not sick of hanging out with him NON STOP :)

Anyway...it has been a year of change and transition, but an amaaazingly blessed year. We have grown a TON both individually and together. I graduated from college, we started a completely new life in a new city together, we both started new jobs, I FINALLY made a decision on a career to pursue, we've made new friends, we've watched close friends add to their families. We've experienced great things and sad things, but all of them together. God has taught us, protected us, and provided for our every need. :) Basically...it's been awesome <3

I love you, babe!!
"I thank my God EVERY TIME I think of you" -Phil 1:3


Jacci said...

awwww happy anniversary you two!! ;) love you.

Tichenor Family said...

happy anniversary sweet bradfords, love you guys!

Tbaby said...

:):):) y'all make me smile:):)

Ivy said...

aww! congratulations! how very exciting! i hope this next year is just as great!