Friday, May 30, 2008

Prom, A Wedding, A Birthday... and 2 Greedy Men

First off, a little bit of news that I forgot to share earlier this week...Little Reidy-boo was crowned CHS Prom King this past weekend and I TOTALLY forgot to give him a shout out! Major bad-sister moment. Oops :) Anyway, bub- you definitely were lookin sharp in your chocolate brown tux. Love you Reidster!
Okay so I found out some TOTALLY uncool news this morning. My 5:00 client, Clay, informed me that one of the owners of The Cascades (the community we live in) was finally ousted by his other 2 co-owners. I don't remember if I let any of you in on the dramaforyourmama that has been happening, but it is NOT good stuff. Basically...3 men purchased the land around Lake Bellwood in Tyler and had the bright idea of turning it into the ultimate luxury community complete with retirement high rises, lake homes, lake house getaways, lake condominiums, town homes, apartments, a MONSTER clubhouse...etc...

So...the beginnings of this community were blooming right around when Brian and I were in a major hurry to find a place to live. So... after touring the townhomes and being filled in on all of the insannnnely great/awesome/convenient amenities that would be included, we reluctantly decided to go for it. Everything was supposed to be finished in late Dec/early Jan. Umm...NOT ONE SINGLE THING has been done. In fact, most of it hasn't even begun construction. No workout facility. No pool. No tennis courts. No clubhouse. No community restaurant. No community doctor. No spa. No dog parks. No running trails. NOTHING.

Super frustrating. Well.. we found out that 1 of the 3 owners was not cool with the way things were going and the other 2 just wanted to maximize their profits. So basically... they ousted the good guy and are now planning to just sell everything off for millions and leave the rest unfinished. We have tried contacting the corporate office for all of 4 months now and they are totally unresponsive. We hear that the lawsuits are just piling up and things are NOT looking good.

What in the WORLD have we gotten ourselves into? I guess that's just the WORLD. It's weird though. I just can't understand how people can lie and be deceitful and intentionally cheat people out of their money and then wake up every morning like it's all good. SAD!

On a MUCH more pleasant note...YAYYYY FOR FRIDAY! I'm super excited about this weekend. I'm NOT excited about all of the driving by myself...but thank God for ipods :) Anyway, I'm driving to Lafayette, LA to see my little Websteroni get married tomorrow night!! And then on Sunday I'm headed to DFW to celebrate Scarlett's first bday!!! And I will hopefully make it back on Sunday night in time to see my hub's fball championship...assuming they make it there :)

Pray for safety on the roads if ya don't mind and have a superrr splendid weekend! I hope everyone gets to do something either realllllly fun or perfectly relaxing :)

Peace <3


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Thanks for your sweet meant a ton to me!!! Y'all look like so much fun!!!


Kayla said...

It is just the world we live in.....someone stole my SWIMSUIT at the gym today! Who knows why people are the way they are! :) Love you & I hope to see you soon! Hug little scar for me!