Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Fresh Philosophy on Swimsuit Shopping

It never fails. As each new summer season approaches, grumbling can be heard from women around the country because the time has come. The time has come to purchase a new swimsuit ( or 2..or 10) for the summer. It happens Every. Single. Year. And since I have been in the fitness industry for a few years now, I think it's only been magnified. It always seems like such a DOWNER way to approach summer, which in my opinion, is TOTALLY the best season of the year.

I guess I've just never totally understood why standing in front of a mirror at a store is any different than standing in front of a mirror at your own house? Are these women NOT already fully aware of what their bodies look like? Maybe I'm weird, but I was under the impression that it was totally normal for women to check themselves out in the mirror everyday before they get in the shower. (If I'm completely misguided, I would def appreciate someone letting me know, ha) Anyway, swimsuit shopping does exactly the opposite of depressing me. It EXCITES me! I mean... I guess it DOES make me a little bit more aware of the parts of my body that I'm not totally thrilled about showing off to the over-analyzing public. HOWEVER, when I have a mega-cute new swimsuit that I can't wait to look good, er...presentable, in, it gives me that extra motivation to eat a little bit better, and work out a little bit more consistently. I'm sure my dog loves it too, because she somehow gets to go on a much longer walk than normal a LOT more often than normal when swimsuit season comes along.

So maybe, as universally dissatisfied with our bodies as we females are, we just need to change our outlook a little bit. Instead of being depressed and refraining from indulging in the PLEASURES that summer brings along...why not INDULGE and use it in a more motivating and uplifting way?

Maybe it's that simple. Maybe it's not. But either way, it's totally worth a shot, if you ask me :)

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Ivy said...

all spring long i kept telling myself i needed to workout/not eat that..blah blah blah because summer was coming and the dreaded swimsuit war was to begin - but i like your positive way at looking at such a small (but sometimes major) issue. very nice outlook rox. makes me smile. so you.