Monday, June 23, 2008

Old Friends :)

This weekend was one of my favs. I had fabbbbulous weekend with Mrs. Linzer Martin :) Her little sis is a counselor at Pine Cove, and it was fam-weekend, so Linz stayed with me (I live approx 7 miles from the camp...quite convenient!) I hadn't spent time with Linzer in foreeeeevvvvv. She was one of my FIRST friends at UT and has played a very special role in my life :) We have experienced some interesting things...our relationship is definitely unique... and I love it <3 I really am so thankful for her friendship and for the opportunity it has provided for God to teach me.

I lovvvvve you Linzer, and I am SO glad you came to stay with me! It had been way way wayyyy too long, and I'm glad we're still goin strong post-college/post-marriage. Come stay with me ANYtime.

PS- that invitation is open to all who lay eyes upon this blog :) (well um...unless I have some random stalkers that I don't know about...apparently stalkers are a common occurance in the blog world...)

Peace, Love, & Summerrrr (:D)


Anonymous said...

dang it...i got excited when you invited me to your house:( you don't know me, but i read your blog all the time and think you're neat...all i want is a friend/to go to your house...whatev..."i'm over it" ;)

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

hahaha...nice and subtle girrrrrl :)