Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Bday to my Hub!!

Brian is 29. We didn't really have tons of option today as to how to celebrate because little miss Aves keeps us pretty much at home for the majority of our days :) We did, however, venture out to Target, the SnoCone stand (YUM!), and Academy (Brian's fav). Avery did pretty great, although by the time we got to Academy she was pretty much ready to go HOME!

Avery was sporting her little "apple of daddy's eye" onesie, just for Brian. And although we haven't finished yet, she is in the process of making him a GREAT bday present. I'll post a pic when it's finalized. :)

So anyway- I know Brian is NOT at all about his bday, but I am!! Happy bday to you, B-Rizzle. I love you sooooo much and am more greatful than you realize for everything you have done for me for the past few months. I cannot imagine going through a day without you here and am excited to spend another year growing older with you!

Only downer on the day: B pulled his hammy at his soccer game tonight with only TWO MINUTES left in the game. BUMMER :(

OH! and thanks to Marsh & David for coming in town to make Brian's day feel a little more special.

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Kayla said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!!