Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 Months :)

Today our sweet girl is 2 months old! 2 months has come and gone INCREDIBLY quickly. It's nuts. People always tell you that it goes by so fast, but only now that I'm in the middle of it do I FINALLY understand. We are still having a super blast with Aves! She is starting to grow up a little bit more! She can finally look us in the eyes, follow us around the room, her head is CONSTANTLY on a swivel...but her neck still gets tired every now and then and she'll just kerplunk her head down in my chest. It's super cute :) When she gets really excited she kicks her legs super hard and if she happens to be laying in our lap at that moment, she almost catapults herself right onto the floor. She is a smiling MACHINE...particularly in the mornings. She loves her mommy and daddy and when someone else is holding her, she always looks toward us when she hears our voices! It's fun. She got her shots on Monday and definitely cried HARD for about a minute. Then whimpered for another minute. And then she was good to go! She really did awesome afterwards and her only rough moment was later that night when she cried for about 20 minutes straight as if she was just miserable. It was heart-wrenching, but after a good meal and a good dose of baby-tylenol, she slept GREAT! THe only downfall so far of Avery's growing up is that she no longer makes my FAV little sound!!! I really do miss it SO much...but I'm searching the videos I have taken of her HOPING that I captured it at least once! She's my little lamb, no more :(

On a happier note, little munchkin has been sleeping straight through the night for 2 weeks now! In the lat 15 days, she has only woken up to eat in the middle of the night TWICE!!! I seriously thank God for such a laid back, happy, SLEEP-LOVING babygirl :)

We spent all of last week in Galvy with my momma's side of the fam...that post is still to come! Happy week to all!!


Jamie said...

such a blessing that she sleeps so great so early on! i am praying our next one will be like that! i need to see some pics of that baby girl!

Tbaby said...

i miss babyyyy!! and i wanna see pics toooo!! love you:)

Dan Smith said...

Sleep LOVING!!! That's definitely a Bradford trait. ;-)