Friday, July 9, 2010

5 days & 10.5 hours...

If Cameron doesn't come on her own....only 5 days and 10 and a half hours left.  Hallelujah :)  I have never had sleeping issues during pregnancy.  Or really in life for that matter.   Just in the last few days has sleep become a matter how tired I am.  BUT- like I said...not much longer :)  I also have not been feeling super hot for the last 24 hours.  Thanks goodness my inlaws came through town and surprised us by staying a couple of nights and helping us out HARDCORE around the house.   They've run errands, cleaned, organized, done all kinds of little things have become a massive chore for me and this belly.  THANKS BRADFORDS!!!

I now have 100% perfectly clean bathrooms, which I have been dying for.  YAY!  What would I do without my parents/inlaws hooking me up.  You guys are great maids :)  I would totally pay for your services if you'd let me :)

Another thing...Cameron is getting huge.  Her toes are digging into my UPPER ribs constantly.  And at any given moments she's got two arms and a leg poking out from both sides of my stomach.  Her little (or large) toosh causes the left side of my belly to stick out about 2 more inches than the right side.  It's pretty hilar.  I think she's getting huge.  And I'm PRETTY sure it's time for her to get up outta my belly.  We are READY for you sister.  Me, your daddy, and your big sis are allllll ready.


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