Wednesday, July 7, 2010

8 More Days!!!

Seriously?  Cameron's induction date is only 8 days away!!  I am hoping/praying that she comes before that...but if not- I can totally handle 8 more days :)  I know I keep mentioning my "groin charlie horses".  Here's the deal:  Cameron is sitting nice and low and ready to be birthed...which is GREAT!  The only bad part is that she's positioned in a way that crushes the nerves to my groin.  Anytime she moves her upper body, my groin feels like I'm having a massive muscle cramp...basically the same feeling as a calf/hamstring/arch cramp.  It was just happening when I was on my feet, but now it happens anytime I try to lift my legs onto the couch or bed.  And when I'm laying in bed.  And when I'm sitting a certain way.  I think it just depends on the combination of my position and her position ha.  HOWEVER- I can always readjust until I find a position that is NOT it could definitely be worse!  And like I said...I only have 8 more days!  And this groin sitch is really my only complaint!

Today I've felt pretty good, and I have had a few little errands I've been wanting to run for a week.  So Aves and I headed out to buy a baby book for Cameron.  I didn't have the book with me when Averton was born, so I didn't get her footprints/handprints at the hospital- sad :(  I'm not making the same mistake I've finally got that checked off my list.  I also FINALLY got the last piece of my dad's father's day gift that we'll give him when he comes up to Plano next week.  Yay!  I'm pumped.  He'll be in love :)  Annnnnd the last errand I was able to squeeze in before I needed to SIT down & relax was a quick trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.  We recently realized that during our April move, one of our kitchen appliance boxes disappeared.  TRAG!! I don't know if it got thrown away accidentally, fell off the back of a truck....who knows?  But so far what we DO know is that our slow cooker and our ice cream maker are nowhere to be found :(  And there is literally NOwhere they could be hiding.  We have gone through/unpacked/organized every last inch of this apartment since the move.  Anyway- I've got heaps of fresh blueberries & peaches w/out much life left that are begging to made into delicious and refreshing a new sorbet maker is now sitting on my kitchen cabinet.  YAY!!!  Can't wait til it's done so we can indulge in some fresh fruity goodness!

Happy Hump Day :)

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