Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I realize that I am super belated in posting about our Thanksgiving...but with 2 little ones under the age of 18mo it can be quite a challenge to find an extended period of free time.  So after 827 attempts at completing this post...tonight is the night!

Avery spent a few days before T-Giv in F-Burg w my parentals.  They had a partay of a time.  I'm pretty sure Ave thinks that place is heaven on earth.  Here are some pics from their fun time together!
Morning reading w/Nonni!

Yes.  That, my friends, is a closet.  It's where Aves sleeps when we're in F-Burg.  I promise we're not abusive.  She rather enjoys her cozy little nook!

Enjoying a lovely breakfast w Big Poppy!

Putting her baby "nigh-nigh"

Dress up w Nonni.  Sweet mask.

We all arrived in Sugar Land on Wednesday and had an early T-Giv meal on Thursday so that the boys (& Allie) could head to ATX to catch the Horns game (which we will NOT be discussing...)  It was our first Curry holiday without Pawpaw, so we were all kind of anxious about it.  We were pumped to all be together again, and to spend time with Nana, knowing how difficult the day would be for her. the last minute...she called in sick, so we spent the holiday without BOTH of them.  It felt really strange, but as I assume is typical after a loss, we were all acutely aware of how much we love each other.  We had a great time hanging out, catching up, joking around, watching football, & getting fat!

A delicious Lebanese T-Giv meal w the Curry Familia!  This was obviously the cool kids' table :)

Cousin Tucker lovvves little Averton.  And she adores him.  So sweet.

Sweet cuzzies.

My Uncle Bill and my bros have some strange inside joke involving milk & cereal. he & my Aunt Karen drove up to the house in F-Burg...this is what we saw.  HILAR.  I can only imagine what people thought as my uncle passed them on the highway w milk & cereal bungeed to the top of his truck...

Aves was super attached to her daddy after being apart from him for 3.5 days!!

Lovin the sink bath.  Cutie pie.

My babygirl all bundled up to go play outside...her activity of choice for the entire trip!

If you're nice to Averton's best friend, you win her heart.  Uncle Reidster learned the way to her heart verrrry quickly!

The whole Curry/Bradford gang. SO blessed to call these ppl my fam.  For realssss.  PS- is that view not insanely awesome?  Greatest thing to wake up to every morning!

My happy little family of 4 <3

B-Riz & his ladies under the pretty lights!

This pic absolutely does NOT do it justice.  This little area in Johnson City is seriously GORGEOUS.
Grandparentals loving on super bundled little Camo <3

Avery was thrilled about going to see Santa.  She seriously couldn't wait to get to the front of the line...

Hm.  Not so thrilled.

Holiday season is the best!  Love spending time with the coolest fam ever and can't wait until we get to spend another week and a half with the Bradfords & Currys!! 

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